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“Human creativity adds the colour to our world. It is our crowning glory as a species. It is also deeply personal.”

David Eagleman

Creativity & Imagination

Creativity and imagination are essential elements to personal and professional development from any sector - enabling us to think outside the box, move forward and develop ideas.

Engaging with the arts is a direct way to enhance your creativity and explore your imagination.


Our Aim

At times it can be challenging to access our creativity, especially with busy lives and technology consuming our time. 

Our aim is to provide opportunities for adventure in the outdoors, connect to nature, allow for time to 'just be' and clear the mind leaving space for creativity and imagination. The creative workshops enable a ‘safe’, motivating and inspiring environment to explore and develop your creativity - regardless of your experience. 

The fresh air and physical movement enhances the quality of our mental effort and builds resilience, an important ingredient for the creative process.

Overcoming physical challenges and nurturing resilience increases confidence, relieves anxiety and opens up a channel to explore creativity in new ways. 

Music is at the heart of the creative workshops with improvisation being the leading forum for expression. We teach innovative approaches to improvisation that eliminates any uncertainty and creates a cohesive environment.  

Sylvie Heath

Founder of Creative Heights








Sylvie Heath has a lifetime of experience in music, the outdoors and education. Raised in Devon her childhood was spent immersed in nature and the out doors, exploring the coastline, rivers and the tors of Dartmoor. Many summer evenings were spent around campfires singing, playing music and consuming many marshmallows. At a young age she started to learn the piano, shortly after the flute and then voice, also taking a big interest in dance and in photography. Her creative studies continued into to college where she focused on dance and music performance in jazz and pop. She then moved to London to do a BA Degree in Jazz Music and completed a PGCE in Secondary Music Education. After taking on the position as Head of Music at a comprehensive secondary school in the North East for five years she took some time out to rest, reflect and allow some space for a new journey to begin……


“ After putting a lot of energy into teaching I was ready to re-engage with my own music and felt a strong desire to be outdoors and physically moving. In this period of time away from work I spent my days playing and composing music, triathlon training, hill walking and hanging out with my cat. To begin with I felt a sense of guilt when spending more time on outdoor sports and less on my music or vice versa. I then had an important realisation, they were feeding into each other! The resilience I was building from physically pushing myself and the mental focus to do so, the fresh air clearing my head, the connection to nature by swimming in the sea, riding along country roads and running or walking out in the remote fells all directly contributed positively to my creative practice, setting a mental platform to be expressive through art. This realisation, along with my passion for creative education, led to the idea of Creative Heights - providing opportunities for people to experience and learn from this connection of nature, the outdoors and creativity.” Sylvie Heath. 


Sylvie moved to Cumbria in 2015 to begin the new journey. Since then she has worked as a music teacher in primary and secondary schools across Cumbria, Lancashire and Manchester and has lectured in higher education, with the current position of Course Leader at BIMM University Manchester. She plays flute and sings in a range of jazz, Brazilian and contemporary music projects and is the band leader of the Sylvie Rose Quintet. Her professional development is on-going as she has trained as a Mountain Leader, completed an MA in Music Performance at the University of Salford and is undertaking a interdisciplinary research as practice project within the subject of traditional popular Brazilian music and the concept/pedagogy of Creative Heights. 


MA Music Performance 

BA Hons Music (Jazz)

PGCE & QTS In Secondary Education - Music

Level 3 Award in Mountain Leadership

Outdoor First Aid  (2 day)

Enhanced DBS checked

Safeguarding level 1 & level 2

Connecting Nature
the Arts
through Adventure
in the Outdoors
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