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"IT WAS AMAZING. One of the best ways to spend a day."

Age 10

“ The course was imaginative, creative, well-led and gave people confidence”

Director of Flutes & Co


“The highlight was hearing what we had created and the feeling of community and involvement”

Hill walker, arts lover, age 56


“I love the freedom and the confidence I have gained”

Member of Flutes & Co, age 41


“I have learnt that composing music is not difficult”

Mother and musician , age 41


“Never having improvised before it was actually more freeing than challenging in the end and encourages more real listening to yourself and everyone else”

Member of Flutes & Co, age 52


“What a fantastic combination – walking and music. Brilliantly facilitated. What fun”

“I have learnt how to combine the outdoors with creativity”

Member of Flutes & Co, age 61


“A totally freeing experience, really pleasurable. I have learnt how to think – or just be, more easily than before”

Member of Flutes & Co, age 51


“It was good to be creative and expressive as a group”

Musician, age 36



“ I have learnt how to create layers of sound and give space and structure in improvisation”

 Director of Flutes & Co


“A marvellous set of opportunities for fell walk, awareness, creativity in such a supportive context that overcame all my self-consciousness and doubts – A great day!”

“Wonderful to participate in these profoundly creative activities. Wonderful, also, the ways in which everyone contributed and enjoyed it. Brilliant mixture of art, poetry and music. Excellent leadership – both days. Lovely food, setting, company, slept very well!”

Poet, age 64


“I enjoyed the opportunity to play music in a non - intimidating way.”

Glass artist, musician, age 61


“The highlight of the weekend was creating with a varied mix of lovely people based upon a shared experience”.


“ I found the music workshops a safe place to discover the joy of improvisation, a new way to connect with people and it increased my musical confidence”.


“The highlight of the day was reaching the top of the mountain and listening, observing things from the top.”

Music student, age 17


“ I learnt how to pay attention to music in nature. The musical activates opened up new ideas to composition and performance.”

Music student , age 17

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