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Northwest-based flautist, vocalist, composer, bandleader and founder of Creative Heights Sylvie Rose grew up on the edge of Dartmoor where the great outdoors played a strong influence on her creative life.  Sylvie Rose makes music that is groove-led, complex and hugely influenced by her journey through life as a woman in these times of enormous change. For many years she has performed and collaborated with contemporary jazz and Brazilian artists and ensembles across the North of England and in Brazil.   She wild swims throughout the year. 


Sylvie Rose actively researches traditional popular Brazilian musics, with a focus on the concept of Identity and Play within these genres, interlinking with the essence of Creative Heights. For many years she has worked in education – from primary through to higher education and is currently Course Leader of BA Hons Popular Music Performance at BIMM University Manchester.

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Sylvie Rose Quintet

Heavy grooves, flute-led, often song based contemporary jazz, which reflects and explores themes of adventure in the great outdoors, Brazilian cultural art, and the concept of ‘play’; through the eyes of a women finding her way in this world. Members of the Sylvie Rose Quintet include Anton Hunter on guitar, Adam Fairhall on keys, Richard Young on drums and Stuart Eastham on bass.

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